EP1: Ikae

Digital release on Bandcamp

  • 2019: ESEM_EP1 lossless remaster
  • 2001: original release FOC365 in October on de:Focus records


  1. ikae
  2. qre.ii
  3. obbe ttid
  4. eloki
  5. redskin
  6. preledd*
  7. dreamborder
* originally released on FOC356 "Two you see"

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from bulgaria via guildford comes this killer ep from the much slept-on esem. like much of the defocus stable, his sound is heavily influenced by the likes of plaid and aphex. stand out cuts on this six-tracker are the title track, with its warm strings and delicate piano, and the irresistibly beautiful qre.ii which is so moving and infectious that you`ll find yourself playing it over and over international dj
still comparable to the usual suspects aphex & black dog, etc., bulgaria’s esem updates the comparison underpinning none too twee melodies with beats of substance and integrity. as mentioned, the shadows of past/present electronic greats still haunt, although it’s a clarity that exists within that separates it from limp background wash to more inviting deep textures that tickle and excite. a missing link between nu school click, offbeat and rhythmical ambience dj
the quintessence of this 6 track 12” is one of warm reflection, where one has room to breathe, floating along the soft ambience of the catchy beat structures and echoing progression of simple keys and melancholic strings. each track forms its own little vignette of a soundscape, following no particular direction; and yet the quiet beginnings and ends meld together cohesively in this determined aimlessness, allowing for brief interlude from work, or a pleasant backdrop for reverie. erik mcguire
Esem: Ikae (DeFocus) Yes, DeFocus have done it again, delivering six - count em! - cuts of the most sublimely sensuous electronic music, this time from Bulgarian producer Esem. Although he only began making music in the mid nineties, this EP bears all the hall marks of someone who has been composing deep electronic music for much longer; Qre and Eloki weave brittle, fragile beats into the pretty melodies, while the chiming riffs of Redskin dispense with the need for fracture beats. etronik
Herzig perlende Plinkertracks fur Liebhaber des weich blubbernden Micrososmos IDM, versetzt mit scharfen Hiphop Breaks und etwas gruftigen Weiten aus kitschig verhallenden Sounds. Sechs Tracks mit ein wenig zuviel Hang zu Arpeggios oder Dingen, die klingen wie Arpeggios nicht klingen sollten. Wer allerdings auf diesen Sound steht, der wird das lieben, weil so wuselig weichzeichnerisch schn.belnd piepsig. de:bug
This is a great 12" prelude to the upcoming full length on Defocus. Very fresh-sounding and smooth electronica. purist online
Absolutely outstanding new release on Focus. Esem delivers six tracks of sublime electronics - from the beautiful to the deep and haunting. Electronica of the highest order - and no mistake!!! Smallfish
beautiful lush electronicness; and all six tracks are top top quality idmlist