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This is not OK

September 4th | comment

Here's what's happening above: some Russian is using Soundcloud to host a downloadable copy of Serial Human.

I am not a legal organisation, out to make life miserable for everyone who listens to this stuff without paying. I just don't like seeing my work being shared recklessly, Download button and all. Long gone are the times when interesting music was locked behind the doors of some music store thousands of kilometres away, so for someone to bring a tape copy made sense back then. These days us artists rely on direct contact with listeners,  and see labels as either a platform for promotion, or the necessary evil for distribution. It's actually become quite important that "fans" or otherwise people of "good will" do not cut in, as one or more of these happen:

1. It takes time to deal with these. That time could go into making music.
2. Cloud music companies get content for free and also mostly free of copyright-claims (see 1). It's demoralising to see someone make money with your content.
3. Ninjatune have said it well, so I'll just reiterate: this isn't content that needed to be freed from some corporation, and let's be clear, every cloud service, no exception, is a corporation and our data is how they make money. 

Please do not treat music as data. Composers deserve better.

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